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During the past decade and a half, GHF leadership, advisors, and other volunteers have helped fuel the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum’s substantial growth. Volunteers have been essential to the ongoing efforts of GHF in supporting families educating their gifted/2e children in non-traditional ways. To that end, GHF created a network of Regional Contacts providing outreach to families in their local areas. This grassroots effort has helped to both spread the word in communities about gifted/2e homeschooling and provide essential points of contact for those beginning their homeschooling journey. Through these efforts, what began as a fledgling group has become the gifted/2e organization with the largest social media footprint of any related group, organization, or business in the world. Now we are adding another group of representatives: The GHF Ambassadors.

Learn more about the Ambassador program’s purpose and goals

What is the difference between the Ambassador program and the Regional Contacts?  (.pdf)

Hear more about what our Ambassadors have been doing! 

To reach an Ambassador or to make inquiries about having them represent GHF at events or other programs, please contact us at 

Following are our current Ambassadors:

wes-2016  Wes Beach
Mika Gustavson Gifted Matters GHF Mika Gustavson
 stephaniehood-2016  Stephanie Hood
 rebecca-mcmillan-2016  Rebecca McMillan
 jem-merrill-2016  Jen Merrill
 blogs  Jade Rivera

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