Gifted Children and The Role of Mentors


Gifted Children and the Role of Mentors. Gifted children’s highly honed, often quirky interests can quickly outpace a parent’s ability to teach, much less even understand, the concepts. Time to find mentors! Mentors work alongside gifted children, inspiring them, challenging them, and, maybe even more important, validating them. Check out GHF’s latest blog hop, “Gifted Children and The Role of Mentors,” to discover how to find those special people who will connect with your gifted child and open up the world of discovery to them.


mentorsThe Child-centric, Worry-free Guide to Finding the Right Mentor ~ Not So Formulaic (Ginny Kochis)

I should have run.

I should have flung open the door, flown down the hallway, and stumbled into the courtyard, a frantic, “No thanks” hung on my lips.

But I stayed.

My girl went.

And in the swampy mess of the coming year, we learned two things:

Gifted kids need good mentors, and it takes a child-centric effort to find the right fit.

Writing Your Own ScriptFinding Mentors {An excerpt from Writing Your Own Script:  A Parent’s Role in the Gifted Child’s Social Development} ~ GHF Blog (Corin Goodwin & Mika Gustavson)

Adults, young adults, and older youths can be great resources for gifted and 2e children. Many older people are thrilled to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation. Moreover, if their interests are unusual as well, they may be happy to have someone to share them with. Children may prefer practicing relationship skills with an adult who has more maturity, wider experience leading to more social flexibility, and less stringent behavioral expectations. Many adults will have skills or talents that have been long buried under the responsibilities of adulthood; mentoring a young person gives them an opportunity to revisit their lapsed passions.

So, how do you find a mentor?

mentorsFinding Mentors for Your Child ~ Raising Lifelong Learners (Colleen Kessler)

Have you ever come to a point where you realize that you won’t be able to give your sweet kiddo all that he needs in order to learn all he wants to learn? Or found that you have a child who wants to learn about things you don’t know anything about? What can you do? Remember… there are people all around you who can help. Join forces to find your kids the mentors they need to help them thrive.

mentorsHow to find a mentor for your sensitive and intense child ~ Laugh Love Learn (Lucinda Leo)

The best predictor of lifelong creativity and personal fulfilment is the extent to which children fall in love with a future vision of themselves. But this can be a challenge for gifted kids struggling to manage their intense and sensitive natures and to find friends they can relate to. Mentors can help children bridge that gap and start to imagine themselves as happy, successful adults.

In this post a mum of two very different gifted/2e kids shares how she found a mentor for each, and offers 10 practical tips to help you do the same.

mentorsMentoring Gifted Children: It Takes a Village ~ Crushing Tall Poppies (Celi Trepanier)

How can we create or promote these mentor relationship opportunities, rich in respect, caring and trust, for any gifted child in need despite his or her future career plans or his familial status? How can we create more opportunities for gifted children to naturally form these informal, but highly beneficial relationships with mentors?

mentorsMentors in our Homeschool ~ BJ’s Homeschool (Betsy Sproger)

Through the years, we participated in a number of community activities and my daughter found some other nurturing adults to learn from through these programs. That way, she did not just have our family point of view to rely on, she also learned from these other supportive adults, with different points of view and different ways of looking at the world.

mentorsParents As Mentors In Homeschooling ~ Homeschooling 2e (Mary Paul)

Making the switch from parent to mentor for Project Based Homeschooling has been a difficult one. As a parent, my job is to teach. As a mentor, my job is to support. A different way of thinking altogether.


GHF offers resources for educational alternatives, especially for teens who may be approaching college. Check out our online classes, where kids make friends and gain mentor relationships with their instructors. Dear GHF also answers questions from the community, including how to find mentors and handle the social interactions without becoming a helicopter parent.


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