Homeschooling & Parenting Gifted/2E Kids into the Teens (and Beyond)

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A Blog Hop is a way to discover and follow blogs, as well as promote your own. Every month or two, we pose a topic, our blogging members discuss it, and we link to their posts. GHF blog hops include bloggers from around the world, all of them committed to articulating the unique concerns, needs, and perspectives of gifted/2e families, especially those who choose to homeschool their kids.

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Adolesence: A Whole New World ~ Life with Intensity
On growth and maturing. Adolescence isn’t so bad in our house. At least so far.

Animal Kingdom Hints for Parenting Teenagers ~ Wenda Sheard, J.D. Ph.D. Thoughts on Life & Learning
Once upon a time I saw a television documentary on lions. Or tigers. Or maybe bears. The species doesn’t matter. What matters is that the animals in question had sharp claws and scary teeth designed for death.

Confessions of a Homeschooled Teenager ~ Jade Ann Rivera

Homeschooling in the Digital Age ~ Quarks and Quirks
Is computer use an issue at your house?

I Like Teenagers ~ Building Wing Span

Musings on Tertiary Options ~ Gluten-Free Mum

The last few miles of the parenting marathon ~ Laughing at Chaos

The Spark That Changed Everything: Homeschooling a Gifted Teen ~ Crushing Tall Poppies
The long, slow process of regaining a gifted teenager’s love for learning.

The Terrible Truth About Homeschooling Teenagers ~ Defying Gravity
It hasn’t been as hard as the young years!

Unschooling Tweens… Let the Confusion Begin! ~ A Voracious Mind
The unique journey of raising a profoundly gifted tween who has the mind of a brilliant adult trapped in a young child’s body with the emotional regulation of a teenager and the separation anxiety of a preschooler is not for the faint of heart.

Who’s afraid of the terrible teens? ~ Sprite’s Site
In which Retweet is scared silly by the thought that her precious tweetlets might turn into strange, objectionable, irresponsible creatures when they become teenagers.

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