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5 Toys, Tools, or Things That Have NOT Worked for Me ~ Susanne Thomas, Building Wingspan
Not everything works, these are 5 things that didn’t work for me or my kids and why they didn’t (and don’t) work.

Apps for Working Homeschool Families ~ Pamela Price, How to Work and Homeschool
Looking for Educational App Ideas? How to Work and Homeschool readers share some of their favorites.

Beyond School: Tips for Life Appreciation ~ Wenda Sheard, J.D. Ph.D. Thoughts on Life & Learning
The more parents and educators give children time and opportunity to appreciate life, the better their lives will be. We owe children freedom to enjoy their senses, their curiosities, and their childhoods.

Do Your Best ~ Sarah Wilson, Watch Out For Gifted People
“Now, my parents were loving, affectionate parents. And it is true that they didn’t do everything for us that I do for my boys (perhaps I do too much). But the difference between what I do and they did is a matter of things, not love, which is what really matters. My parents did what they could, with what they knew and what they had. They did their best.”
Educational Tricks for Keeping Up With a Natural Learner ~ Kathleen Humble, Gluten Free Mum

Herding Cats: Trying to Manage the Insanity ~ Care Martin, Homeschooling Hatters
“I’ve known this blog hop was coming, and I thought I maybe had some good ideas to share. Inevitably that’s where things take a definitive left-hand turn – which is exactly what happened. But, as I stopped to really think about it, I’ve realized there are a bunch of things we already do – things that might help other families. And so, here we are again, full circle, with a bunch of suggestions for things that will hopefully help other people.”

What is the one thing I wish I had known or done differently BEFORE I started on this journey of raising my gifted sons? Let Them Know They are Gifted ~ Celi Trepanier, Crushing Tall Poppies

Maximalist Manifesto: Creating a Prepared Environment ~ Amy Harrington, A Voracious Mind
My desire for minimalism will never reach fruition because without our plethora of engaging resources abound, we would live a very sterile life.

Keeping Bright Minds Engaged: Our Favorite Toys and Games for Gifted Kids ~ Sheana Johnson, Empowering Parents to Teach

The Quest for the Best: Finding Awesome Educational Resources ~ Gwyn Ridenhour, STEAM-Powered Classroom
Vlogs, lists, and tips on finding the best in creative, educational resources that will leave kids begging for more.

That Mom. ~ Jen McGarry, Modern Homeschooling
I was concerned about how I looked to others, I didn’t want people to think I was bragging. I didn’t want to stand out and be noticed and be vocal and loud. I didn’t want to be ‘that’ mom.

Tips and Tricks to Help Motivate Twice-Exceptional and Gifted Kids ~ Colleen Kessler, Raising Lifelong Learners
Gifted & 2E can be tough to motivate as they often have their own agenda — and want nothing to do with yours. So, what do you do? Here are a few practical tips and tricks to help you get your bright kids motivated.

Using PLAY in helping kids from good habits and behavior ~ Carissa Leventis-Cox, The Cardinal House
Disciplining an intense gifted child? Try using PLAY so that they can self-direct and independently form good habits and behavior.

The Search for Friends: Where do you find friends when you don’t fit in anywhere? ~ Anya Warde, Scleratus Academy

You Must Be 21 to Read This Post ~ Jen Merrill, Laughing at Chaos
I may have, once or twice, indicated that my roundtables on parenting twice-exceptional kids would include cocktail recipes. It is time to share those cocktail recipes.

Zome Dome NEST Ed Home ~ Jo Freitag, Sprite’s Site Learning about geometry, art, architecture, physics, chemistry and bubbleology is fun when investigating with Zometools.


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