The Most Popular Posts on Giftedness in 2014

by Pamela Price
GHF board member

The way I see it, GHF has always been about building community and reaching out to others who care about gifted and twice exceptional children. None of us has to be in this alone. This holds true for the parents who make up our base membership as well as for the professionals who are both members of our community and providers for GHF families.

One place that commitment to nurturing community is evidenced is in the pool of bloggers that work with us and create fantastic and supportive content. For several years now, established writers and newbie bloggers alike have collaborated on our popular blog hops . We also share and promote our respective posts among our varied, diverse audiences. Many of our bloggers are or have been homeschoolers; some are even veteran homeschoolers with children now in college. A few are educators or professional, licensed counselors who specialize in giftedness and twice-exceptionality. An increasing number are published authors.

To toast our talent pool at the close of 2014, we invited our international blogging crew to share their most visited blog posts, with an eye to showcasing some of the best—and at times the most provocative—writing about giftedness on the internet. In this roundup, you’ll find a range of styles and approaches, all testament to the authentic voices that GHF helps to nurture and promote across our social media channels.

We hope you’ll take a moment to read each of these contributions, which are loosely grouped by theme. As ever, we remain grateful to each of these bloggers for their work and advocacy, and we look forward to what they bring to our community in 2015.  Happy reading!

On Giftedness: Children, Advocacy, and Parenting

On Giftedness: Adulthood

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