Artful Animals

lisa babaInstructor: Lisa Baba

5-10 students, 10 years and older



Do you feel a sense of connection with animals? Do you appreciate their beauty and want to express it artistically? If so, this class is for you!

Animals communicate a world of beauty to us. They are natural inspirations for art. In this class, we will explore drawing animals of all kinds: birds, cats and dogs, hooved animals, marine life, and insects. Then we will create our own mythical beasts based on the general principles we’ve learned about animals in the real world. We will first learn to sketch them, then we will explore ways to express them in color using our favorite color media, such as colored pencils, watercolor, acrylics, and if you wish, apps on tablets. Join us for this adventure in animal art!

Wondering how we teach art in an online class? See some of our students’ art shows on YouTube!

Prerequisites: None



Week 1:  And So It Begins…  We will introduce the class, learn about each other, and share what we hope to learn this semester.  Then we will explore basics of sketching that will prepare us for drawing animals.

Weeks 2-3:  Wings and Things–We will learn how to draw birds.

Weeks 4-6:  Furry Creatures–We will learn how to draw cats and dogs at home and in the wild.

Weeks 7-8:  Hooves and Haunches–During these weeks, we will explore how to render animals with hooves, such as deer, pigs, and sheep.

Weeks 9-10:  Under the Sea–In this unit, we will learn techniques for drawing marine life such as fish, crabs, and corals.

Weeks 11-12:  What’s the Buzz?–We will learn how to draw various insects, including the cute and the creepy.

Weeks 13-14:  Fantastical Animals–In this unit, we will mix and match what we’ve learned in previous weeks to create our own animals.

Week 15:  Online Art Show!  We will share our masterpieces with friends and family!


●      9” x 12” Sketchbook–drawing paper

●      Visual Journal mixed media paper (vellum)

●      Pencils (All kinds of drawing pencils; I most often use a mechanical pencil.)

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