Create Your Own Comic Book or Graphic Novel

lisa babaInstructor: Lisa Baba

5-10 students,  8 – 16 years old

Wednesdays, 10:15 – 11:15 am Pacific (C1)


Do you enjoy comic books or graphic novels?  Would you like to create your own?comic book

Whether you already have characters and plots running through your head or you are starting from scratch, this class will give you the opportunity to dissect comic books and graphic novels to discern what makes them great.  Then, you will apply what you learn to creating your own.  You will have the opportunity to express character, setting, and plot through words and pictures.  In the end, you will have your own comic book or graphic novel to share with your friends and family!


Prerequisites: None


Week 1:  And So It Begins…  We will introduce the class, learn about each other, and discuss what we love about Comic Books/Graphic Novels (CB/GN).  Then you will have the opportunity to explore comic books and graphic novels to determine what makes them good story-telling devices.

Week 2:  What Makes a CB/GN Great? This week you will report back on your CB/GN research, and we will discuss the overall elements of them, visually and literarily. comic book

Week 3:  Who Are Your Characters? (Part 1)  This week we will discuss the elements of good protagonists and antagonists.  You will use interviewing techniques to discover more about your characters.

Week 4:  Who Are Your Characters? (Part 2)  We will explore techniques for visually representing your characters to express their defining traits.

Week 5:  Where Do Your Characters Live and Work? (Part 1)  In this session we will discuss setting and its importance in story.

Week 6:  Where Do Your Characters Live and Work? (Part 2)  This session will focus on portraying setting visually.

Week 7:  What’s Your Story?  (Part 1)  This class will cover the elements of story, such as plotline, conflict, and resolution.comic book

Week 8:  What’s Your Story?  (Part 2)  In this session we will explore how to visually express storyline.

Week 9:  What Did You Say?  (Part 1)  We will discuss dialog and how it moves story forward.

Week 10:  What Did You Say?  (Part 2)  We will look at examples of talk and thought balloons as well as visual representations of time passing.

Week 11:  Getting It Together.  (Part 1)  Throughout the class you will have been working on the individual elements of your own CB/GN.  Now you will begin putting it all together, literarily and visually.

Week 12:  Getting It Together.  (Part 2)  You will continue putting your CB/GN together.

Week 13:  Production.  (Part 1)  We will explore various ways you can compile your artwork to share
with family and friends.

Week 14:  Production.  (Part 2)  Part 1 continued.

Week 15:  Sharing and Celebration.  You will share your final work with your friends and family.


Whatever art media you wish to use to create your own CB/GN.  You can use paper and markers, paints, digital media, or anything else that works for you.
Comic books and graphic novels of any kind.  You can use your own collection and/or explore CB/GNs from your library.

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