From Home Education to Higher Education: A Guide for Recruiting, Assessing, and Supporting Homeschooled Applicants

by Lori Dunlap

As the number of homeschoolers continues to increase, professionals who work with homeschoolers seeking higher education need to develop a plan to recruit, assess, and assimilate these particularly motivated, thoughtful, creative students. Combining her professional experience with insights gathered from surveys of US colleges and universities, author Lori Dunlap of provides the information you need to more fully understand this population, along with strategies and approaches for easily and effectively connecting with, engaging, and assessing these non-traditional students. Lori also helps homeschooling families discover what admissions professionals are looking for in their ideal applicant, better preparing them for the college application process and working with the admissions professionals at their chosen schools.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Who Homeschools and Why
  • Chapter Two: What Homeschooling Really Is, and Isn’t
  • Chapter Three: The Four Most Common Misconceptions of Homeschoolers
  • Chapter Four: A National Survey of Homeschoolers and Admissions Officers
  • Chapter Five: Homeschoolers on Campus . . . and Beyond
  • Chapter Six: Attracting and Assessing Homeschooled Students: A Survey of Common and Best Practices
  • Chapter Seven: Taking Action: Recommendations for Recruiting and Assessing Homeschoolers
  • Appendix A: Selected Responses to the 2015 National Survey: “From Home Education to Higher Education”
  • Appendix B: Resources for Additional Information
  • Endnotes
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author


Alternative Education Resource Organization
“AERO member Lori Dunlap has written an important new book on what homeschoolers need to know to get into college and what colleges need to know about assessing homeschoolers. ” Read more.

Terry Sperry, Alt Ed Austin
“As an educational consultant, I look forward to displaying From Home Education to Higher Education prominently on my office bookshelf and recommending it to my clients.” Read more.

Charles Cammack, Assistant Director of Admissions, University of Miami
I have yet to come across a more thorough and succinct resource in bridging the gap between homeschoolers and higher education.Read more.

Aaron K. Kamamkawiwoole, Assistant Director of Admissions, Patrick Henry College
“I absolutely loved the work, and found it very insightful in how to work with the homeschool market.” Read more.

Mikelle Weary
If you’re thinking about or already homeschooling, or need to convince a significant other that homeschooling is a viable, prosperous option, then this book will help you get there faster.Read more.
“Lori Dunlap encourages professionals who work with homeschoolers to develop a plan to recruit, assess, and assimilate homeschool students so that they may better enter and thrive in colleges of their choice.” Read more.

Julia Surtshin, College Ahead
“Dunlap has done a marvelous job of shedding light on the world of homeschooling and how post-secondary institutions might adapt to this growing population.” Read more.

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