GHF Professionals: Online Community

Our Professionals’ online community provides a network for consultation, mentoring, learning and support for professionals of any field who work with gifted and twice-exceptional children and families. Frequently, professionals who specialize in working with the gifted and twice-exceptional find themselves isolated or misunderstood by their colleagues. It’s not unusual to be “the only one around here” who knows much about these issues. Having an online community provides an opportunity to reduce the isolation and create networks of support and referral throughout the US and around the world.

Current fields represented include: education, mental health, vision therapy, auditory therapy, occupational therapy, pediatrics, educational consulting — and we are always adding more.

Participation in the Professionals’ Online Community gives participants:

  • a forum for sharing resources and discussing current research
  • the opportunity to connect with others in your field who share the same interests
  • connections and networking across professions
  • access to potential mentors, new colleagues and referrals for your clients

We welcome anyone with an interest in serving gifted, 2e or homeschooled families, regardless of level of training, background, credentialing or previous experience with this population. Join up and introduce yourself — we are a pretty friendly bunch.

For more information or any questions you may have, contact Mika Gustavson, GHF Professionals Director at

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