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GHF OnlineProviding engaging online courses tailored to the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students. GHF Onlin is geared to the needs and interests of gifted students. Our small online classes provide abundant opportunities for interaction among students and instructors. Our classes offer students the opportunity to learn advanced, interdisciplinary content without being overburdened by heavy workload demands, occasionally using characters from pop culture such as Doctor Who, the gang from Hogwarts, and Percy Jackson to add a touch of familiarity to new material. GHF Online is 2e-friendly and willing to work with you to make reasonable accommodations for your child’s individual needs.

Member registration $15 off per class, per student

Online G3 WASC-accredited online learning. Online G3 nurtures critical and creative thinking in a diverse community of gifted learners by providing a supportive and flexible online learning environment. By pairing passionate teachers with engaging and interactive academic content, G3 offers appropriate acceleration within an accredited, secular, and affordable education program.

$20 off registration fee.   Code: GHFMEMBER

Open Tent Academy is an all-inclusive, secular, virtual environment where homeschoolers (and “after-schoolers”) can take an array of classes, taught by dedicated and patient instructors, who are experts in their fields.  We offer live classes (which are also recorded for future use)  in an interactive atmosphere, for grades 2 -12, in a variety of subjects!   Math, literature, writing, social studies, geography, history, science, engineering, technology, art, foreign languages, study skills, and so much more.   All classes are a-la carte.   Pick one or take a full schedule.  The choice is yours! We can’t wait for you to be part of the Open Tent family!

The discount is 15% on ALL classes ALWAYS!  Code: GHF15

IMACS,  Institute For Mathematics & Computer Science helps gifted middle and high school students develop advanced logical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills through self-paced, online programs. Elements of Mathematics: Foundations covers pre-algebra through precalculus. eIMACS offers university-level Mathematical Logic and Computer Science, including a College Board-approved course leading to the AP Computer Science A exam.

25% discount on EMF Math Course 1. Code: GHF2018EMF. GHF supporting members may also go directly to the special registration page here.

2e Newsletter:  Discounts on annual subscriptions to 2e Newsletter and on the Spotlight on 2e Series from the publishers of 2e Newsletter! Some titles in the series are Parenting Your Twice Exceptional Child, Understanding Your Twice Exceptional Student, The Twice-Exceptional Child With Asperger Syndrome …and more! These are terrific for personal reference, or for sharing with relatives, friends, teachers and others who don’t understand these issues but should. You may also want to donate copies to the library in your community.

Books by David Albert: $2.00 off on each book written by prolific homeschooling author and speaker David Albert, when ordered directly from his Skylark Sings website.

Mr. Gelston’s One Room Schoolhouse

  • Offer only available for first time engagement.
  • Discount Code: ghfdisc
  • Put code in the “request for a lesson” form for computer science, coaching, and current events.
  • No purchase necessary.

Learning Coach Member Benefit
15% discount for the first Learning Coach package
Program Page
Intake Form

Private Computer Science Lessons Member Benefit
2 free computer science lessons + ½ hour interview
Program Page
Request the Initial Assessment CiS

Current Events Small Group Discussion Member Benefit
15% discount on Current Events for the first term

Program Page & Intake Form

Coming Soon! More great discounts from Opportunity Unlocked and Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS)

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