Kelly Hirt

GHF Press Author

Kelly Hirt is a public school teacher, homeschooling parent, blogger, and writer of both fiction and nonfiction works. She has taught elementary school for twenty-five years in Washington State. During that time she has had the pleasure to serve as a student teacher mentor, district level trainer, and an active member during leadership teams and curriculum adoption reviews.

Kelly became a reluctant homeschooling parent and activist after the traditional public school system to which she dedicated her professional life failed her twice-exceptional son.

She started her blog, My Twice Baked Potato, to educate parents and connect with other families who found themselves parenting a twice-exceptional child.

Check out Kelly’s GHF Press Book, Boost: 12 Effective Ways to Lift Up Our Twice-Exceptional Children.

Kelly lives near Seattle and enjoys writing, watching movies, going for walks with her family, and playing various video games with her tech-savvy son.

Check out Kelly’s Amazon Author Central page.

Listen as Kelly discusses quick tips for teaching 2e kids, with Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, LMFT, of Positive Impact Family.

Find Kelly online:
My Twice Baked Potato

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