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Why support GHF? 

GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that works to educate and advocate for gifted and 2e families, regardless of educational choice. Our membership includes families and professionals from every continent, supporting local communities, while creating a connected global network. We offer most of our services regardless of the ability to pay, so keeping the organization running is something we can only do with your support.

When you become a supporting member of GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, you also gain access to all of these great benefits. Is there something else we can do to make your parenting journey a little easier? Let us know!


Family Membershipmissing voices

1 year – $29, 2 years – $55, 3 years – $80, Lifetime – $300

You may pay by check, credit card, or PayPal!

  1. Membership card — new and renewing members can receive these upon request. These can often be used as “proof of homeschooling” for educator’s discounts of up to 25% at a variety of businesses.
  2. Discounts on great classes from our own GHF Online.
  3. Discount on all GHF Press bookscoming soon!
  4. (NEW!) Discount on EMF Math Course 1 (25% off) through IMACS. (get code)
  5. Discounts on all classes offered through Open Tent Academy(get code)
  6. Discounts on science, math and engineering classes offered through Opportunities Unlocked(get code)
  7. Discount on class registration fee ($20 off) from Online G3(get code)
  8. Discount $2.00 off on each book written by prolific homeschooling author and speaker David Albert, when ordered directly from his Skylark Sings website.
  9. Discounts on annual subscriptions to 2e News and on the Spotlight on 2e Series from the publishers of 2e Newsletter! These are terrific for personal reference, or for sharing with relatives, friends, teachers and others who don’t understand these issues but should.
  10. Mr. Gelston’s One Room Schoolhouse offers several generous benefits to GHF members:
    2 free computer science lessons + ½ hour interview
    15% discount on Current Events for the first term
    15% for the first Learning Coach package (get code)
  11. Discounts with recommended professionals (ask them!)
  12. One-time offers for GHF members from supporters and partners.
  13. State and federal tax deductions for the full amount of your membership and/or donation to our 501(c)3 organization.
  14. The great good feeling of supporting our work and our community!
  15. Lifetime members also get a free copy of any one book from GHF Press and a FREE one hour phone consult with Dr. Melanie Hayes, a well-known educational consultant, Founder/Director of Big Minds Unschool, and GHF Board Member.

You may pay by check, credit card, or PayPal!

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