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Will you become a GHF supporting Professional member? These other great organizations have.  Let them tell you why

Sponsorship – Taking it to a whole new level!

Partner with GHF to have the most possible impact and engagement with our large and rapidly growing audience! More

Premium Plus Professional Membership (1 year – $500)

All of the benefits of the Premium Professional Membership, PLUS:missing voices

  • A free one-time 15-minute consultation to determine the best way to maximize the impact of your Social Media Posts. Learn the best way to position your message to give your business the boost it needs to engage the people most likely to want your services or products.
  • Reach 200,000+ people 4 times a year with our Social Media blasts! We will send out a Social Media Blast to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ 4 times per calendar year, promoting your business at your request. We now include Instagram at no extra cost! 
  • Your name, logo, and a description about your organization will be listed on the Professional Members page.

Premium Professional Membership (1 year – $150)

All the benefits of the Personal Professional Membership, PLUS:

Personal Professional Membership (1 year – $50)

Premium and Personal Professional Members can also qualify for a free one-time 15-minute consultation!

  • Purchase an Add-On Social Media Post (see below) to qualify for the free one-time 15-minute consultation!

Social Media Posts can be added to any membership

  • Up to two additional posts can be added to any membership level for $150 each.
  • Subsequent posts are $250 each.

All posts are at the discretion of GHF. Additional posts are as space allows. Member benefit posts have a higher priority in scheduling than additional posts.
Upgrading Membership Levels within the Year
This option is available to members at any point in the membership year:

    • If upgrading in months 0-6 of membership year, you can pay the difference in membership level cost, keep your same expiration date, and have any social media blasts associated with the upgraded membership level in the remaining portion of your membership period.
    • If upgrading in months 7-12 of membership year, you can renew early at the upgraded membership rate, and have any social media blasts spread out over the remaining time plus the 12 month renewal time. For example, if you have 6 months remaining on your basic membership, and upgrade to Premium Plus, you pay $450, and now have 18 months at the upgraded level, with total 4 social media blasts.

Do you need help?

*Services and programs must be relevant to GHF’s mission and membership. We reserve the right to request adjustments to promotions to better align with GHF’s mission. If desired, we will also assist you in creating the blast content.

You may pay by check, credit card, or PayPal.
GHF is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 organization, non-profit.

Your privacy is important to us!
The information that GHF collects as part of its member registration process will be used only (a) to administer the programs of GHF and (b) for statistical purposes in advocating for homeschooling. GHF will not share its mailing list with any other persons or organizations without giving members the option not to have their information included on such a list. GHF will use its best efforts not to disclose to any third parties any personally identifiable information of a member without the member’s consent. GHF assumes no obligation to destroy or return any information to any member.

For more information, contact

GHF has created this website as a public service. The information here is intended as general information. It is not intended to be specific to your situation. You should carefully evaluate all of your alternatives and consult your own advisors before taking any action. GHF disclaims any liability for any damages any person may suffer as a result of using any of the information on this website.

You may pay by check, credit card, or PayPal!

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