Why Support GHF?

GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum believes that a gifted child needs more than an education, and the family of a gifted child encompasses innumerable complicated relationship dynamics. The GHF community includes professionals, others whose mission overlaps with our own, public school teachers, and parents who are not sure their child is gifted but find our information useful. All are welcome. GHF join

We exist because most homeschool and alternative education organizations do not address giftedness, and school-based gifted programs, when they exist, often do not serve children whose intense giftedness or twice exceptionalities require home-based supplementation or truly customized schooling. We view homeschooling broadly and inclusively. Our membership is diverse and far-flung, hailing from across the US and the world. Not all members of the GHF community are currently homeschooling. Many never will. What brings us all together is a common interest in meeting the parenting and educational needs of each student based on their individual development.

GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum​ supports, educates, and advocates for gifted and 2e children, their families, and the professionals who serve them, as they pursue alternative, lifelong educational paths. GHF emphasizes understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity and seeks to normalize and celebrate the ways individuals can contribute to the learning environment and workplace.

To learn more about our membership options for families, institutions, and sponsors, check out our ​ Membership Options page.



We keep our overhead low, but we still require financial support. GHF is particularly adept at leveraging strengths and skills to minimize our costs through extensive use of volunteers, technology, and other free or low-cost resources. Our financial revenue comes from:

  • Family and individual memberships – This means YOU! 
  • Professional memberships​ which allow us to monetize our exceptional outreach and give other institutions a chance to reach and support GHF and our community
  • Affiliates​, such Amazon, Zazzle, and others, which offer valuable services and products, while providing financial support to GHF at no additional cost to GHF supporters
  • GHF Online ​which offers an increasing array of engaging classes
  • GHF Press ​which publishes highly focused books on topics important to our community

We have also benefited from grants and a range of donations, sponsorships, and partnerships. Through their support, ​Sponsors and Professional Members​ play a vital role in GHF’s outreach and support efforts, while gaining access to our supporting members and extensive social media community. Partnering with GHF gives Sponsors the greatest possible impact and engagement with our large and rapidly growing audience. See what others are saying!  See our member benefits!

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