Online Community

Our online community provides a network for communication and support among families seeking educational alternatives for their gifted and twice-exceptional children around the United States and around the world. That support may come in the form of:

  • a place to share information and resources
  • a way to meet other families with whom to interact — possibly “in real life” (IRL)
  • and as a forum for venting and getting hugs as appropriate

Because many gifted children face other challenges (e.g., sensory integration dysfunction, autistic spectrum disorders, allergies), you’ll find discussions about those issues, too. Even if you’re just considering homeschooling or other options, stop by and say “Hi!” and we’ll share what we know. Please join our discussion! yahoo

Check out the GHF Community Discussion Group on Facebook!

GHF on Social Media: GHF also has a variety of social media sites, including an extremely active Facebook page, a popular Twitter feed, Pinterest boards on a range of topics, an Instagram page, a Google Plus page,  a Tumblr page, a YouTube channel and a LinkedIn page.  You can find us there any time of the day or night. Check out the resources and join in the conversations! We also have Yahoogroups for parents and a smaller, limited group for professionals. We’re friendly and anyone interested is welcome!  facebook twitter g-plus-icon-32x32 linkedin pinterest tumblr.


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Please note: Joining the online group or social media forum is NOT the same as becoming a supporting member of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, although we hope you will join us. To become a supporting member, please fill out our Membership Form and be sure to include your email address. We hope to see you there!

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