Standardized Educational Testing

standardized testing

Standardized testing looks like it may not be leaving any of us anytime soon. In the U.S., the impetus for this presumption is the fact that the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is likely to be reauthorized very soon in the new U. S. Congress, and this will likely keep standardized testing a huge facet in public schools. The No Child Left Behind Act was the seventh reauthorization of the ESEA, and NCLB propelled the use of standardized testing to ever-growing proportions and purposes. This issue is not exclusive to U.S. educational policy; standardized testing is a global issue.

What do you think of standardized testing? How do you feel about the use of standardized tests to evaluate schools and teachers? How do you feel about the reliance of the educational system on standardized test scores? How do you feel about the increased usage of standardized tests in schools? Do you think standardized tests are a valid reflection of a child’s achievement? Following are posts from a variety of sources addressing this issue.


If you have questions about testing accommodations for your twice-exceptional children, see ADA Testing Accommodations

For information on psychological or intelligence testing, see Testing and Assessments.


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