Rapid Response



Many issues seem to arise over and over again in the gifted, homeschool, and education communities. In the interest of providing perspective and encouraging discourse, we’ve put together a collection of links on the pages below which address a number of hot-button topics. We are grateful for the diversity of the GHF community and we understand we won’t all agree on everything. Still, in the interest of better understanding each other, we encourage you to not only take a look at the posts you think you will agree with, but to take a moment to read the ones which offer a different perspective.


thinkingAre all children gifted?

You have probably seen it or heard it somewhere: “All children are gifted.” Are they? Certainly, all children are gifts. But when we use the clinical term for gifted, we’re talking about something very specific. (See Defining Giftedness.) Here are some responses by a variety of authors and bloggers to the question, “Aren’t all children gifted?”


test_ovalsStandardized Educational Testing 

What do you think of standardized testing? How do you feel about the use of standardized tests to evaluate schools and teachers? How do you feel about the reliance of the educational system on standardized test scores? How do you feel about the increased usage of standardized tests in schools? Do you think standardized tests are a valid reflection of a child’s achievement? Following are posts from a variety of sources addressing this issue.




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