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Mailing Lists

  • GiftedHF: The mailing list associated with GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. Members are from around the world.
  • Gifted HomeschoolEd Materials
  • Regional Support: Links we have collected for families homeschooling gifted kids in specific regions or specialty groups
  • Homeschool2college: Restricted list for families making the transition to college
  • Hs2coll: Another list for families making the transition; less “chatty”
  • Homeschooling Mensans
  • TAGMAX: This is a mailing list focusing on homeschooling gifted kids anywhere in the world. The volume of emails can get a little high, but there is an excellent exchange of information.
  • Work and Homeschool: A mailing list for families who are doing both, or considering the possibility.

Books and Other Media

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