Gifted & Homeschool Friendly Professionals

Everyone listed here was referred by GHF staff or members on the basis of good service, an understanding of giftedness, and an open mind regarding alternative forms of education. The information is self-reported, however, and in any case a good experience for one child is not necessarily a predictor of a good experience with another. Personality matters. Rapport matters. We hope this list gives you a starting point for finding an appropriate professional to work with, and we also strongly recommend you do your own homework. You may wish to post to our email list  for personal experiences with particular professionals. Your mileage may vary. GHF has members all over the world. If you would like to make a recommendation in any region, please contact our Professional Outreach Director, Mika Gustavson.friendly professionals

Assessment – Counseling – Educational Consulting – Occupational Therapy – Vision Therapy – Audiology – Speech Language Pathology – Other


    • Arizona
      • Beljan Psychological Services (Dr. Paul Beljan)– specializing in pediatric neuropsychology and gifted assessment (602) 957-7600
    • California
      • Teresa Bailey, pediatric neuropsychologist, practice limited to assessments. (650) 967-3451
      • Anne Beneventi, Certified Master Practitioner of Qualitative Assessment. Evaluating the emotional and educational needs of gifted children. (510) 672-0418
      • Betsy Buchtel, M.S. Licensed Educational Psychologist (408) 732-7033
      • Margaret Donohue, PhD Psychological and neuropsychological testing. Tests include WAIS, WMS, WIAT, WISC, WPPSI, WJ-C and WJ-A, SATA, Nelson Denny and more. Specializing in twice exceptional children and adults requesting accommodations. (818) 389-8384
      • Claire Goss, M.Ed. Licensed Educational Psychologist (650) 854-0750
      • Dr. Carolyn Light Clinical psychologist who does counseling, testing and assessment of gifted children. (619) 981-9366
      • James Lyons, M.F.T. Psychological testing and assessment of gifted children. Special interest in non-English speakers.(323) 460-2456
      • David Palmer, Ph.D. – IQ testing and educational support for gifted and 2e children  (949) 892-9805

      • Dr. Sandra Wilder-Padilla Counseling, testing and assessment of gifted children. (818) 990-4794 or (818) 990-6637
      • Summit Center. Dan Peters, PhD, Director, and staff offer assessment and counseling. Locations in Northern and Southern California. (925) 939-7500 – (707) 337-0779 – (310) 478-6505
      • Lou Ellen Sherrill, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Member of Allied Health Professional Staff Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Offers quantitative psychological testing and IQ assessment. (310) 276-7070
      • Lisa White, consultations and therapy for gifted children and families. Administers WISC IV for quantitative psychological testing and IQ assessment. (925) 939-7500
    • Colorado
      • Gifted Development Center (Dr. Linda Silverman) — the center of the universe for quantitative testing and assessment of gifted children of all stripes (888) GIFTED-1
    • Kentucky
      • Amend Psychological Services (Dr. Ed Amend) — Addressing the social, emotional and educational needs of gifted families. Quantitative IQ testing and assessment. (859) 269-6465
      • Wright Child Psychology (Dr. Margaret Wright, Psy.D) — Evaluation and counseling. (502)807-9551
    • Massachusetts
      • da Vinci Learning Center (Aimee Yermish, PsyD) — testing, assessment, counseling and educational consulting (978) 461-4815
    • Oregon
      • New Leaves Clinic – Holistic clinic providing neurodiversity support for autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, dyslexia and ADD/ADHD for children 5 years old and above. (503) 274-0996

    • Pennsylvania
      • Dr. Ramesh Conley, PhD, NCSP – Psycho-educational assessment to access cognitive abilities and academic skills to determine giftedness, identify learning disabilities and develop educational plans.   (267)205-3897

    • Virginia
      • John D. Wasserman, Ph.D. – Neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist specializing in giftedness. (703) 349-4520

    • Washington
      • Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide’s — see this site for information on assessing twice-exceptional gifted kids (425) 742-2218


      • California
        • Carolyn Comini, MFT Counseling for gifted and twice-exceptional children and adolescents. (562) 945-9341 or (562) 618-7424
        • Counseling Psychologists, Inc. (Jeanne Thomas, PhD) Marriage and family therapist. (408) 725-8043
        • Inga Dean, MFCC Can be reached at the Mythago Family Counseling Center (510) 644-4227 or (925) 838-7042
        • Ilene Diamond, JD, PsyD Clinical psychologist with special interest in gifted adolescents and college students. I also work with adults, families and couples. (415) 820-1508
        • Brian Gersho, PsyD – Therapist who works with adolescents (age 14 and older), individuals, couples and families. (925) 695-0402

        • Gifted Matters (Mika Gustavson, MFT) Psychotherapist specializing in helping the gifted and twice-exceptional to thrive. Counseling, parent coaching and educational consultations for parents, children, teens and adults. Groups for parents, workshops and professional trainings. (408) 375-9635
        • Linda Powers Leviton, MFT Psychotherapy and counseling for gifted children and adults. Linda also directs the West Coast office of the Gifted Development Center. (818) 203-5987
        • Julie Lustig Therapist who specializes in anxiety and OCD. (650) 289- 9100
        • Julia Wallace Psychotherapist who specializes in couples and families, and also works with individuals of all ages. (415) 820-3216
        • Judy Wiener, LCSW, LMFT Psychotherapy and counseling with gifted children and adults, as well as consultation. SENG parent groups and workshops. (818) 706-0140
        • Orit Weksler, MFT Psychodynamic psychotherapist for children, adults and teens. Specializing in giftedness and autism spectrum disorders. Experience with depression, anxiety, OCD and trauma. Trained in expressive arts therapy and sand tray. (510) 356-2783
      • Colorado
        • Patricia Gatto Walden, Ph.D. -Integrative Counseling for gifted children, adolescents and adults.  (720) 328-9334

      • Connecticut
        • Paul Krubiner, Ph.D. – (203) 334-8822

      • Illinois
      • Michigan
      • Oregon
      • Pennsylvania
        • Ramesh Conley, PhD, NCSP, Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist –
          specializes in diagnostic evaluation of learning disorders, giftedness, and of course, dual exceptionalities. Also provides counseling and therapy for children and adolescents.

, (

          267) 205-3897
      • Texas
        • Rachel Springfield, L.C.S.W – Therapist for adults, specializing in issues related to giftedness. (512) 293-6167

      • British Columbia


      • Haven Learning Center (Claudia L’Amoreaux, Director). Supporting gifted young people and parents in designing highly individualized educational solutions for self-directed learning. (510) 725-4758
      • Wes Beach, Educational Consultant, and Director, Beach High School — 30+ years of experience in supporting teens who wish to pursue their interests in ways they choose; documenting their pursuits as high school studies; creating portfolios for program and other applications; and reaching their goals, including college admission (often early admission). (831) 462-5867
      • Dr. Barbara Klein Parenting and educational coach for children and parents, including gifted children. Parenting groups and parent coaching. (310) 443-4182
      • Kathi Kearney – Curriculum consultant for homeschooling parents of gifted children with 34 years experience.


      • California
      • Kentucky
      • Oklahoma
        • Rachel Ottley OTR/L (918) 747.8282,, CAPES Inc, Tulsa OK 74105.  With 23 years experience in pediatric Occupational Therapy I now specialize in serving gifted children and twice exceptional children and their families. I have extensive experience working with children diagnosed or suspected of being on the Autism Spectrum, as well as those with considerable sensory processing or behavioral challenges.



      • California
        • Carol Atkins — Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) assessment. (949) 951-3362
        • John Tracy Clinic — Provides free comprehensive hearing tests for kids from newborns up to age 6. Have particular expertise in difficult-to-test kids, including gifted and highly gifted. (All services free of charge.)
        • Judith Paton, M.A. — Audiology, including Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) assessment. (650) 340-1280
      • Virginia
        • Christine Eubanks, Ph.D -Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Audiologist offering diagnostic hearing testing, auditory therapy and hearing aids/cochlear implants for children and adults.  Does not test for auditory processing. (804) 828-0431




    • Parent Coaching
      • Kathleen Crombie — Chronic Disorganization Specialist. Works with gifted kids and adults on organization issues, specializing in attention issues and chronic disorganization/hording.  Northern California. (510) 390-8187
    • Pediatrician
      • Kathy Vidlock — Physician practicing family medicine and sports medicine. Colorado. (303) 649-3140

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