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Regional Contacts, Groups, and Support: Because sometimes what you need most is the support of others near you (or sharing your beliefs or your situation)…

Regional & International Groups
Faith-Based Groups
Gifted Cubed 
Individual Contacts by Region

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GHF on Social Media: GHF has a variety of social media sites, including an extremely active Facebook page, a popular Twitter feed, Pinterest boards on a range of topics, a Google Plus page,  a Tumblr page, and a LinkedIn page.  You can find us there any time of the day or night. Check out the resources and join in the conversations! We also have Yahoo groups for parents and a smaller, limited group for professionals. We’re friendly and anyone interested is welcome! facebook twitter g-plus-icon-32x32 linkedin pinterest tumblr. yahoo

Regional Groups

AZ – Palo Verde Homeschoolers — Online secular community for Arizona parents with inquisitive and imaginative children. Share local event information, organize outings, and discuss gifted/spirited-child issues.
AZ – Gifted Homeschoolers of Central Phoenix — Social group only, (no classes or co-ops) getting together for field trips, travel, adventures, holiday celebrations, community service, and spending time together.
CA – Asynchronous Minds — Local support group for families of gifted children, many of whom have chosen alternative educational options. Greater Los Angeles area.
CA – Bay Area Gifted Home Schoolers (BAGHS)  — Local support group for families homeschooling their gifted children in or near the San Francisco Bay Area
CA – Bay Area Gifted List — For parents of both schooled and homeschooled kids in the San Francisco Bay Area.
CA – Costa Mesa – OC Homeschool Group – An adventurous, eclectic and social group of homeschooling families that meets regularly, in the real world, to enjoy community, field trips, park days, learning experiences and fun!
CA – Gifted Homeschoolers Together (GHOTO)  — We are a community in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe gifted kids need each other, and we like getting together to play! We also offer local resources on our website.
CA – Gifted San Diego — This group was created as a means of connecting families with gifted children in San Diego County who are homeschooling their children or exploring that option.
CA – Institute for Educational Advancement initiatives foster intellectual curiosity, the acquisition of knowledge, confidence, creativity, responsibility, and moral decisiveness.
CA – Monterey County Gifted – This group supports parents’ rights to choose the best educational option for their own children, which will be different for each family. Public, private, and homeschooling families are welcome. All members are encouraged to share resources, ask questions, and plan events.
CA – Orange County Gifted Parents Meetup Group — This group offers support, resources, and encouragement for parents; speakers at monthly meetings; and opportunities for social interaction for gifted kids and teens.
CA – Westside of Los Angeles Gifted — Our main goal is to facilitate long-lasting friendships and a supportive community among local families with highly and profoundly gifted kids.
CO – Boulder Gifted Parent Support —Boulder GPS provides support for families of gifted children in the Front Range area of Colorado. Includes a monthly family game night.
CO – Colorado Gifted Homeschoolers — An on-line community for Colorado families who are homeschooling their gifted children.
CT – CT Gifted Homeschoolers –  This is a support group for CT families homeschooling their gifted children.
CT/MA – New England Parents of the Profoundly Gifted (NEPG) — New England families looking for an outlet for communication, support, and cooperation as we deal with the joys and challenges of parenting profoundly gifted children.
DC – DC Metro Gifted Home Schooling  —  For parents home schooling gifted kids in the Washington, DC metropolitan region (including Maryland and Northern Virginia). Homeschoolers of all persuasions are welcome to join; this list is secular and inclusive.
FL – Florida Parent-Educators Association  —  Supporting homeschool families in Florida.
FL – Gifted Homeschoolers of Tampa Bay – A place for parents to discuss the joys and challenges of home educating our unique children, and to provide support to one another through the sharing of successful strategies, curriculum, and co-ops.  Meets occur throughout the 7 counties in the Tampa Bay area.
IL – Chicago Gifted Community Center —  A volunteer-based nonprofit organization created by parents of gifted children living throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.
IL – HSGS – Homeschooling Gifted Students — is a support group for families dealing with the challenges of home schooling gifted children in the Chicago metro area. HSGS is also the umbrella organization for a gifted homeschooling co-op and the Teen Learning Lab.
IL – IllinoisTAG — Illinois group, mostly in Chicago area, which organizes field trips and provides local support for homeschoolers of gifted and talented children.
IL – Positive Connections Homeschoolers — Gifted homeschoolers support group in the Chicago, IL, area.
KY –  Parents of Gifted Students (POGS)  —  Support for parents of gifted children in the greater Louisville area.
MA – Massachusetts Gifted Homeschoolers — For Massachusetts families who are homeschooling their gifted children.
MD – Maryland Homeschool Association — An independent, member-driven, gifted-friendly statewide organization that supports family rights to home educate their children.
MI – Gifted in Michigan — A SE Michigan in-person meet-up group for gifted children and their families.
MI – Michigan Gifted Homeschoolers Together (MIGHT) — A group for families home schooling gifted children in Michigan. Meetings are primarily in the Detroit area.
MI – Michigan Gifted Homeschool Group — Safe place for parents of gifted children to share stories, seek advise, find playdates, partake in field trips. Based in SE Michigan; open to all.
MN – MCGT Homeschoolers — A chapter of the Minnesota Council for Gifted and Talented made up of parents who are homeschooling (or who are thinking about homeschooling) their gifted children.
NJ – Gifted Homeschooling New Jersey — For families homeschooling gifted children in New Jersey.
NC – Gifted Home Scholars in North Carolina — For parents who are educating their gifted children at home, or have an interest in home education in North Carolina.
NH – Granite State Gifted — The goal of Granite State Gifted is to provide support, encouragement, and resources for parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children and teens in the Hollis, NH/Hillsborough County, NH area and beyond. Massachusetts friends are welcome, too!
NH – New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition NHHC supports all reasons for and methods of homeschooling.
NY – Hudson Valley Homeschoolers – This is an active group of homeschoolers in the Hudson Valley.
NY – Central New York Gifted Youth – Our goal is to advocate for increased acceptance and support of gifted youth in Central New York State. We have a mix of parents who homeschool, public school school, and private school. Anyone who cares about gifted kids is welcome. Facebook
OH – GO Home — Gifted Ohio Homeschoolers is for parents homeschooling or considering homeschooling a gifted child in Ohio.
OH – Central Ohio Gifted Support — Conducts 8-week Parent Discussion Groups to support parents of gifted children with their social and emotional needs.
OR – The TAGPDX site has resources for homeschooling in and around Portland, Oregon
OR – PlayTAG is a group made for gifted kids elementary aged children and their families. Siblings of all ages are welcome, but activities will be geared to a 5-9 year old age range. Activities will be centered in the Portland metro area.
OR – Rogue Valley Brainery & Ludoteca — A play-centric community of explorers, innovators & lifelong learners. We function as a resource and haven for gifted homeschoolers, unschoolers, deschoolers & reschoolers alike, hosting various classes, meetings, events & gatherings for whole-family support.
PA – Gifted Homeschoolers of Pennsylvania — This group is for parents who are homeschooling gifted children in Pennsylvania.
PA – Gifted Kids of South Central Pennsylvania — This is a support and social group for gifted kids and their families living in south central Pennsylvania (not exclusively homeschooled).
SC – Gifted Homeschoolers in South Carolina — This group is for parents who are homeschooling gifted children inSouth Carolina.
TX – Texans Homeschooling Gifted Children — A secular support group for Texans homeschooling their intellectually gifted children.
TX – Texas Parents of the Profoundly Gifted —Offers support, insight and resources for families with profoundly gifted children.
TX – Austin Metro Homeschoolers of the Gifted — For people in the Austin and surrounding area who are homeschooling gifted children.
TX – Brazos Valley Gifted Homeschoolers — A place for parents with gifted or highly gifted homeschooled children in the Brazos Valley.
VA – NOVATAG — This is a support group for Northern Virginia parents who home school their talented and gifted (TAG) children.
VA – Virginia Homeschoolers — Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone.
WA – NW Accelerated Learners — Seattle area gifted homeschoolers.
WA – Seattle 2e Homeschoolers A community of parents/caregivers homeschooling (or considering homeschooling) 2e kids in Seattle.WA – 2e Bellevue – Eastside This is a group is for Eastside parents/guardians of intellectually gifted/highly capable kids who also have learning or other disabilities.
WA – 2e Seattle – This is a group for Seattle-based parents/guardians of intellectually gifted/highly capable kids who also have learning or other disabilities.
WI – Wisconsin TAG Homeschooling Forum — Gifted In Wisconsin (GIW) is a website and in-person local meet-up group including homeschool families, public school families, and private school families interested giftedness.

International Groups


British Columbia –  G/LD Network  — This is the place in BC to connect with Gifted/LD peers and parents.
British Columbia – Parenting Gifted Kids in British Columbia – The purpose of this discussion group is to help families find support in bringing up their gifted children. This group is open to families and professionals who are dealing with children who may be gifted or talented in one or more areas.
Calgary – TAG-Calgary is a meeting place for connecting Calgary’s gifted children and their parents
Ontario – Association for Bright Children —While not exclusively for homeschoolers, this group has an active homeschooling subsection.

Faith-Based Groups

Christian – Homeschooling Gifted — Come join a safe haven for Christian parents to talk about the joys and challenges of  raising gifted and talented children.
Latter Day Saints – Gifted-LDS-hs — This is a support group for LDS parents who are homeschooling gifted children.

Gifted Cubed

Check here for a list of groups providing support, resources and community to Gifted Cubed families.


Gifted Teens –  Tag-Ur-It – This group was created for homeschooled, gifted teens to be able to connect with others like themselves.


Individual Contacts

When you need an individual to answer your questions. (Here’s a little of what our Regional Contacts are doing!)

United States


Vermont — Elizabeth Raven Walters
New Hampshire/Massachusetts — Cathy Esmonde, Caitlin CurleyPatricia Ellis Herr (Trish)
Connecticut/Massachusetts — Amy Potts
New York — Rebecca Pickens (upstate)Holiday Haber (NYC)
Kentucky — Molly Isaacs-McLeod
Western Kentucky and Tennessee, southern Illinois — Joy Navan
North Carolina — Gwyn Ridenhour
New Jersey — Danielle
South Carolina — Carissa Leventis-Cox
Georgia — Ann Dorminy, Sara Yamtich
Florida — Audrey Borden, Jennifer Smith
Northern Florida — Monica Moriyasu
Mississippi Gulf Coast — Melissa Petersen


Illinois — Jen Merrill
Minnesota — Karl Bunday


Colorado — Lynne Fetterman
Montana — Noelle Holcomb


Texas — Stacia Taylor and Cell Trepanier
Arizona — Nicole Linn and Jen McGarry



Seattle — Tara Hernandez
South Puget Sound — Corin Goodwin
Eastern — Kristin Lehman


Portland — Anastasia Risley
Southern Oregon — Pamela Ryan


San Francisco Bay Area — Stephanie Hood
Monterey County — Jeffrey Morton
Wine Country (Sonoma, Napa) — Kim Haynes
Southern California — Hillary Jade
San Diego — Rebecca Shue and Annette Holzman

International Contacts

Australia – Kylie Chesterfield, Kathleen Humble, Devon Harris


Nova Scotia – Sarah MacIntosh-Wiseman
Ontario – Care Martin , Beth Myers Mai
Vancouver – Vicki Loh

China – Barbara Wagner

Ireland – Leslie Graves

Netherlands – Marlies V. Sint Annaland , Ursula Jordaan

New Zealand – Rachelle Scherb

Philippines – Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

United Kingdom – Lucinda Leo


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