Parent Resources

This page is a gateway to content on our site that would be of particular interest to parents of gifted and 2e children.

Favorite Things – Our extensive link library full of resources, book lists, web sites, YouTube channels, curriculum and more!

Online Community– Our Yahoogroups email community is a semi-private group where you can discuss your concerns, share your ideas, and “brag” about your kids in a space where others will understand.

WE ARE SOCIAL – If you prefer social media, we also have very active and extensive social networks on:

Local Support – Looking for more social and educational opportunities for your gifted child? Wondering what groups, events and programs are nearby? Look no further than our local support page.

Articles – There’s a lot you want or need to know about parenting and educating your gifted or twice exceptional child. We’ve collected what we think are the most helpful links around on related topics and organized them to make it easy for you to find what you want.

Brochures – Sometimes you need a single piece of paper to hand someone who won’t do the same extensive research that you have done in order to best help your child. We have created these FREE downloadable brochures for you to print out and share with whomever you think would find them useful. Check ’em out!

Resources – We also have pages and pages of resources for homeschooling, giftedness, and twice exceptional information, as well as books and online classes tailored to your needs and those of your children.

Membership – And if you become a supporting member, there are even more benefits to hanging out with us!

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