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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Professionals

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I AM: Healthcare Providers’ Guide to Gifted Children

I AM: Educators’ Guide to Gifted Children 


Gifted Cubed – The Expanded Complexity of Race in Gifted and 2e Kids

As a parent, what do you want your friendly neighborhood therapist, pediatrician, teacher or coach to know about your child or how your child thinks or behaves?

As a professional, what would help you to understand the children you work with and their families? What are some of the issues you may face repeatedly? Which are indicators of giftedness or twice-exceptionality that is either “normal” or pathological? Why are these families homeschooling instead of sending their children to school? These articles will give you clues about what to look for in children who present along this continuum in order to best serve their healthcare needs, care for the whole child, and help them reach their full potential. They also provide resources for further exploration.

What is gifted?

Why are gifted children sometimes called “asynchronous?” What does it mean to be “many ages at once?”

Does giftedness change over time?

How can I recognize a kid who has “shut down”? How can parents and caregivers help?

What is “twice exceptional” (2e)?

Do gifted children also suffer from learning disabilities? How are they discovered?

What about acceleration?

I’ve been told that academic acceleration was harmful and that kids needed their age peers, now you say they need their intellectual peers? Which is it?

What do I need to know about testing?

What is the ceiling effect and what does it mean for gifted kids?

What are levels of giftedness?

Don’t all gifted kids have the same needs?

What are Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities?

Who was Kazimierz Dąbrowski, and why does his Overexcitability (OE) Framework and Theory of Positive Disintegration matter?

What are some resources for finding the right professional fit?

Does giftedness matter to mental health care?


How do I choose the right mental health professional?

What are some other important topics I might want to read about?

Can you suggest some organizations, websites & mailing lists for further information?

  • Learn about gifted and homeschooled children by reading relevant Articles on the GHF site and external links.
  • Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) includes a helpful list of articles and resources for the professional or for the parent seeking professional services for themself or their child.
  • The Davidson Institute’s Educators Guild is a free national service for active elementary, secondary and post-secondary educators who are committed to meeting the unique academic needs of gifted (but not necessarily 2e or homeschooled) students.
  • If you are interested in real life experience working with twice exceptional (2e) students, check out Bridges Academy, a college preparatory school dedicated to educating the kids during their later (grades 5-12) school years. Bridges Academy is building an intensive professional development program by having educators do research, professional development and internships at their facility. This program attracts professionals who are really drawn to and involved in 2e education — not just for Bridges but for other programs and fledgling schools in the field.
  • Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page: Counseling has a range of terrific articles, as well.
  • National Association of Gifted Children offers a variety of resources focused on gifted education.

Are there any books you would recommend I read (or that I can share with our providers)?

Would you like to know what others in your field have to say about giftedness? Take a look at our Tips from Professionals.


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