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Tips on Audiological Testing of 2e Children, Dr. Christine Eubanks, Director of Audiology, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System:

The biggest issue is whether or not they have significant sensory sensitivities.  If they don’t like being touched, the audiologist should know about that ahead of time so that the tests which involve actually putting earplugs in the child’s ear can be left until last—or avoided altogether at the first visit—then kids tend to have more trust and are more willing to come back and have more direct contact.

Tips from Occupational Therapist Teri Wiss, Owner, Development is Child’s Play:

Many individuals who are gifted have been described as having “overexcitabilities” (Dabrowski, 1964).  This may be seen in sensory sensitivities (especially tactile and auditory input). This should be considered when assessing the ability to modulate sensory input (an over- or under- response to input; in this population, an over-responsiveness to tactile and auditory input is more common, but an under-responsiveness to vestibular input may be seen).

Tips Regarding Vision Processing in School-Age Gifted Children from V. Liane Rice, OD, FCOVD, Vision Care Clinic:

If the child you are seeing has been labeled as gifted but is expressing no interest in reading and does not seem to be catching on to the “code” to learn to read, they may very well have a vision problem.They can have difficulty with receiving visual information or not know how to process the information appropriately.

Tips for Mental Health Clinicians from Lisa Erickson, MS, LMHC, Therapist:

If a parent thinks their child might be gifted, believe them. Parents are often the first to know and have been shown to have good diagnostic reliability.


For more information and resources, please see our Professionals’ Guide to Gifted and 2e Children

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